Tuition and financial assistance: frequently asked questions

Below we have compiled the answers to the most common questions we get about program tuition and financial assistance to serve as a guide as you budget for your education.

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Setting up your student account

What is my Tec Monterrey student account?

Once you become a student, you will receive a Tecnológico de Monterrey email address and gain access to MiTec, our online system. Through this system, which you can connect to through your phone, tablet or computer, you will be able to check your emails and access various portals.

How do I set up my Tec Monterrey email address, user ID and password?

Instructions for setting up your student account are available in this tutorial.

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Tuition and fees

How much does the EGADE MBAOnline program cost? For the 2020-2021 academic year, the cost per unit is 4,303 MXN, making the total cost of the program approximately 809,900 MXN for all 188 units.2

You will be billed for the number of credits for which you are enrolled each term. Tuition typically increases each year, and this figure does not take into consideration potential increases.

Are there fees in addition to the tuition?

If students choose to attend the required immersion in person, they should expect an additional estimated fee of 5,000 MXN, which will cover food and other program expenses. Airfare and hotel expenses are not included.

There is also a basic graduation package fee of 8,900 MXN, which includes participation in the ceremony and your diploma. Fees may be associated for additional documentation needs. Contact our admissions team with any questions at or +52 55 5351 2587.

How much is the enrollment deposit/down payment?

The enrollment deposit/down payment is 10,000 MXN and is applied to the cost of tuition for the program.

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Types of financial assistance

What are the funding options available for EGADE MBAOnline students?

Below are sources of funding that may be available to you. Please refer to the specific sections for more information.

Employer benefits

Some employers will provide support — financial or otherwise — to help you advance your education. Download our employer sponsorship tips sheet to help you prepare to seek support.

What is the employer tuition partnership program?

The employer tuition partnership program offers students a 20% discount on tuition for any Tecnológico de Monterrey graduate program. If your employer is interested in partnering with us, refer them to our Employer Partnership page.

How does my employer go about paying the school?

Many companies within Mexico and Central America have agreements with universities where they can provide scholarship aid. Additional information on creating an agreement between your organization and the university is available through our corporate relationship manager. Contact Perla Tirado at

Does the EGADE Business School allow deferred payment for tuition reimbursement?

Students are expected to submit tuition payment in a timely manner (no later than the Friday before the beginning of classes). Any delay in submitting the tuition payment may result in a penalty of 873 MXN for every missed monthly payment and a daily 1.13% of moratorium interest.

If your employer is covering the cost of your tuition, please complete the Tuition Reimbursement Information Form. You must also notify your employer of the deadline to submit payment. Please keep in mind that the tuition request process within your company or employer may take a few months — so plan accordingly.


Does the EGADE Business School offer institutional discounts for this program?

There are multiple scholarships and institutional discounts available for this program, including tuition discounts for Tecnológico de Monterrey (EXATEC) alumni, academic and merit-based scholarships and FIDERH benefits.

To learn more about which opportunities you may be eligible for, contact an admissions counselor at or +52 55 5351 2587.

Private loans

What are private bank loans?

Private education loans, also known as alternative loans, may be available through private lenders to help bridge the gap between the cost of education and the available funds to cover tuition costs. You may contact private lenders and banks to find out whether they have any available loans.

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Military education benefits

How do I apply for military education benefits?

To begin the process of applying for military education benefits for which you are eligible, visit the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs website. Questions regarding eligibility should be directed to the VA at 1-888-442-4551.

What documents are required to process military education benefits?

Visit to learn how to apply for the GI Bill and related benefits and for more details on obtaining your Certificate of Eligibility (COE). The COE is mailed to you within six to eight weeks of submitting the application.

In addition to a copy of the COE, be prepared to present proof of the following information and/or documents:

  • Copy of your Social Security number
  • Copy of your passport or ID (official document included as part of admissions file)
  • Copy of registration and class schedule confirmation
  • Current mailing address, included in the body of the email
  • Confirmation of graduate program name and term start date (i.e., EGADE MBAOnline, Oct. 5, 2020), included in the body of the email

Please contact Ing. Jordi Kipper Valenzuela at for more information.

What are the eligibility factors for the Post-9/11 GI Bill?

You are potentially eligible for this VA-administered program if you have at least 90 days of aggregate active-duty service after Sept.10, 2001, and are still on active duty, or if you are an honorably discharged veteran or were discharged with a service-connected disability after 30 days. Learn more about the Post-9/11 GI Bill.

How is the Post-9/11 GI Bill benefit calculated at Tecnológico de Monterrey?

Please contact Ing. Jordi Kipper Valenzuela at for more information.

What is the deadline to apply for VA education benefits?

Prospects should submit their application one week before the start of classes for their respective cohort. Applications that are submitted after this deadline may still be reviewed under certain circumstances.

What are the current rates of benefits, including the monthly housing allowance (MHA)?

The tuition and fee payment rate and the MHA are determined at the beginning of each military academic year on Aug. 1. The current rate table is located on the Education and Training page of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs site. 

When VA benefits are calculated, the amount of this national cap must be expended before Yellow Ribbon Program benefits can be awarded.

Who can I contact at Tecnológico de Monterrey for questions about using military education benefits?

For information about military education benefits, please contact Ing. Jordi Kipper Valenzuela at

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Billing policies and payment options

When will I receive a tuition bill, and when is payment due?
You will be able to review your bill and submit tuition payment upon registration. Once the payment has been submitted, it will take 48 hours for your student account to be updated. To access your student account, please visit MiTec.

Tuition payments must be made in the “Account Student” section of the MiTec portal (which you will enter with your student registration number and password). To pay, indicate the amount to be paid and click on the red button that says “Pagar.” The available payment options will appear, which are:

  • National deposit slip
  • Online payment (credit and debit card)
  • Electronic banking

Once the payment is made, you can request your invoice in the Tecnológico de Monterrey portal.

How do I view my bill?

To view your bill, please visit your MiTec portal and click on “Student Account Services.”

How do I pay my bill?

From MiTec, click on “TEC APPS,” then on “Servicios De Tesorería” and follow the instructions. Your bill must be paid in Mexican pesos by credit card or an electronic fund transfer from your bank. Please note that the portal will calculate any currency exchanges on a daily basis.

Does EGADE Business School offer a monthly payment plan for this program?

EGADE Business School allows students to make three payments per term to cover the tuition bill. Additional information can be found by downloading this EGADE Business School resource.

What are the consequences if my bill is not paid by the bill due date?

For late payments, a penalty of 873 MXN for every missed monthly payment and a daily 1.13% of moratorium interest will be applied.

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1 Eduniversal Business Schools Ranking, 2020

2 There will be slight discrepancies in the calculation of the total tuition, as the cost per unit has been rounded to the nearest peso.