The online MBA program from EGADE Business School is an investment in your career. Tuition is 4,080 MXN per unit, and the program consists of 188 units. Total tuition amounts to 767,000 MXN.1 A moderate tuition increase can be expected for each academic year.

Additional costs include an estimated 5,000 MXN per immersion (there are two immersion experiences; travel expenses are not considered) and the 10,000 MXN graduation fee (for hard and digital copies of your diploma and the graduation ceremony).

To help you better understand the cost breakdown per semester — and, in turn, help you plan your budget — we have compiled the table below.

Cost Breakdown per Semester
Term Credits Cost
Term 1 8 credits (32 units) 130,554 MXN
Term 2 10.5 credits (42 units) 171,351 MXN2
Term 3 9 credits (36 units) 146,872 MXN
Term 4 10.5 credits (42 units) 171,351 MXN2
Term 5 9 credits (36 units) 146,872 MXN
1 There will be slight discrepancies in the calculation of the total tuition, as the cost per unit has been rounded to the nearest peso. Return to footnote reference
2 This includes immersion tuition (but not fees) Return to footnote reference