An MBA for engineersAn MBA for engineersAn MBA for engineers

EGADE Business School — the #1 business school in Latin America — has been empowering professionals to reframe how they think about business for more than 40 years.EGADE Business School — the #1 business school in Latin America — has been empowering professionals to reframe how they think about business for more than 40 years.EGADE Business School — the #1 business school in Latin America — has been empowering professionals to reframe how they think about business for more than 40 years.

Through our online MBA offering, engineers and business professionals from across the globe come together in one virtual classroom for live classes during standard non-working hours. Classes are small, and often involve debate and discussion that lead to big ideas and real solutions that can be — and often are — applied to work in real time.

EGADE MBAOnline is a master’s degree for engineers preparing for the next big step. Students in the program gain the confidence, presentation skills and business savvy they need to enter decision-making roles at companies. Our digital-first curriculum focuses on sustainability and innovation, and our program features a strong network of engineers and other well-connected professionals.


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Why an MBA is the preferred degree for engineers

An MBA engineering degree — or any MBA that caters to engineers — teaches students the key elements of running, operating and leading a business, while also leveraging the engineering savvy of the student. This combination of tech and business skills has proven to be successful for various professionals, including Fortune 500 CEOs like Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, and Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft — both of whom did their undergraduate studies in engineering and later went back to earn their MBA.

An MBA uniquely equips engineers to shift into a wide range of roles where they may manage teams, pitch to stakeholders and/or lead strategic initiatives. In addition to gaining business skills, engineers in MBA programs often benefit from career services support and the connections with other engineers and manager- and director-level business professionals from various industries.

The growing demand for MBAs

Companies seek out MBAs with engineering backgrounds because they know they’re getting candidates with both the technical and soft skills needed to make an impact and bring about change. Most engineers have extensive quantitative and problem-solving skills, and an MBA rounds them out with the teamwork, leadership, communication and strategic planning skills that organizations are seeking in directors, managers and team leaders.

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How does an MBA benefit engineers?

An MBA gives engineers the skills needed to advance in their career or transition into an entirely new field. World-class MBA programs offer resources and tools that students can apply to any field, no matter how niche. Perhaps one of the greatest benefits to earning an MBA instead of a master’s in engineering is the invaluable connections and creative, real-world solutions that arise in the classroom.

Engineers may earn an MBA to:

  • Gain management skills for career growth
  • Learn to solve problems holistically
  • Hone soft skills like confidence, leadership and communication
  • Pave the way for a career transition
  • Pursue careers as senior managers, entrepreneurs or C-suite executives

The online MBA from #1-ranked EGADE Business School

We know you want to supplement your engineering expertise with an MBA — but we also know you have a busy life. Our program is designed based on real research on how students learn. One-click access to dedicated support, real-time learning and self-paced business courses online not only set you up for success, but also help our online MBA program fit into your life.

The program is part time, takes 24 months to complete and features:

11 core courses rooted in business science
Digital transformation concentration
Flexible immersion to expand your network

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“EGADE’s online MBA was the program that best suited my needs. It is the #1 MBA program at the #1 Business School in Latin America. In addition, the program holds the “triple crown” accreditation which basically enables me to work anywhere after completing my MBA.”

Juan Viera,
EGADE MBAOnline student, former consultant, now a senior retail banking and branch manager

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Student-first support

Get the support you need, anywhere, anytime, from the moment you request information until you graduate from EGADE Business School.

Admissions support: Upon requesting information, you will be connected with a dedicated admissions counselor who will help you learn more about admission requirements, upcoming deadlines and application best practices.

Academic support: Once enrolled, you will be assigned a dedicated student success adviser who will help track your progress and ensure you are meeting the requirements for graduation.

Technical support: Students have 24/7, one-click access to a tech support team that can provide help in real time.

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