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At EGADE Business School, our progressive online MBA curriculum is designed and taught by the same world-class faculty who teach on campus. As a student, you will graduate with the comprehensive skill set you need to help shape the future of your industry.

All courses, including concentration topics, are delivered online. The curriculum also includes an immersion that allows you to solidify your new professional connections and cultivate hands-on skills in real time.

Course descriptions

Our courses filter traditional business concepts through a forward-thinking lens to prepare you to effect change now and lead innovation long into the future.

Core courses

Business foundations

Leadership and Talent Management in Organizations
(3 credits | 12 units)

Learn to build innovative and sustainable business models rooted in a global vision. Cultivate skills in ethical and creative decision-making and team leadership. Learn to effectively communicate and present ideas in a business context.

Analytical Foundations of Business
(3 credits | 12 units)

Analyze and interpret financial statements, statistical data and the main characteristics of the global business environment — including economic, political, financial, cultural and social aspects of emerging and developed regions. Learn to use statistical techniques and computer tools to enhance decision-making processes in your organization.

Business Intelligence
(3 credits | 12 units)

Study the four components of business intelligence: sources, extraction/transformation, storage and analysis. Understand the connections between business intelligence, business analytics and big data. Use tools for data visualization.

Consumer Behavior and Marketing Strategies
(3 credits | 12 units)

Learn to analyze and comprehend consumer behavior to develop effective marketing strategies.

Managerial Economics
(3 credits | 12 units)

Build a foundation in economics so you can better analyze and evaluate problems and expand into global markets. 

Managerial Skills
(2 credits | 8 units)

Cultivate human-oriented leadership skills so you can positively influence employees to meet their full potential and contribute to organizational efficiency. Emphasis is put on ethical management and organizational justice.

Corporate Finance
(3 credits | 12 units)

Analyze and structure business-related problems, guide financial flows, and make decisions about risks and returns.

Business Strategy
(3 credits | 12 units)

Develop the tools and methodologies to design and implement effective business strategies. Understand and learn to apply basic business concepts while developing critical-thinking and consulting skills. 

Operations Management
(3 credits | 12 units)

Learn to identify operational trends and challenges — both in manufacturing and service settings — and propose solutions. Understand the importance of transportation, collaboration, cooperation and technology in supply chain management.

Ethics course

At EGADE Business School, we know that business is only sustainable when its leaders are conscious of society as a whole — and our ethics course will teach you to make decisions with this mindset.

Corporate Governance and Ethics
(3 credits | 12 units)

Examine and apply the concept of "conscious business." Learn to handle ethical dilemmas in a business context, particularly within the relationships of the company and its collaborators, competitors, consumers and shareholders. Understand the role of the corporate governance system in ethical decision-making and the creation of “shared value.”

Innovation course

Our innovation course is designed to help you use your business skill set to launch new ideas, initiatives or companies that improve and help drive society forward. 

Innovation and Entrepreneurship
(3 credits | 12 units)

Learn to identify market opportunities for the development of new or improved products and services. Understand how you can better listen to and understand the needs of consumers, generate new ideas and create a minimum viable product. Develop entrepreneurial presentation skills like elevator pitches and pitch decks.

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Concentration: Digital Transformation

Our four-course concentration will help you build the business framework to foster and implement innovation. It will also equip you with key digital skills. 

Innovation Management
(3 credits | 12 units)

Examine the process of innovation. Build research and problem-solving skills and learn to synthesize existing ideas, images and concepts in original ways. Learn to embrace ambiguity and support divergent thinking and risk. 

Business Analytics
(3 credits | 12 units)

Learn to identify, evaluate and capture business analytics opportunities that create value. Examine case studies on organizations that successfully deploy business analytics techniques.

Field Project
(3 credits | 12 units)

Analyze and assess organizations from the public and private sectors. Receive exposure to different corporate issues and develop strategic plans to solve them. Study clients, resources, regional and organizational culture, business environment, trends, threats, and opportunities. Cultivate your leadership, negotiation and decision-making skills. This project will be conducted virtually.

Digital Transformation
(3 credits | 12 units)

Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business resulting in fundamental changes to how businesses operate and how they deliver value to customers. In this course, you will learn about the fundamentals of digital transformation, the reasons why platforms beat products, and how you can make your business a platform. The goal is to integrate and analyze both technological and managerial aspects of information technology. From a managerial perspective, students will analyze the business value and managerial impact of IT and address the change management issues that arise in implementing any digital transformation initiative.

Flexible immersion

The curriculum includes one immersion that focuses on conducting business in a multicultural environment and applying your business skill set on an international scale — a competency and perspective that are increasingly crucial in today’s global business landscape.

Strategy and Negotiation in Multicultural Environments
(3 credits | 12 units)

This course will be held over the length of a semester in class format, culminating in an immersion opportunity at an EGADE Business School site. The experience will include faculty presentations; case discussions; and collaborative, problem-based and project-oriented learning. You will also have access to a wide range of networking opportunities with peers from across the globe.

We highly recommend that students attend this immersion in person at the EGADE Business School campus in Monterrey so they have the opportunity to present their final project in person and solidify connections with their peers and faculty. However, for those who cannot travel, we also offer the immersion online with a virtual final presentation component.

Due to COVID-19, the immersion will be hosted in a virtual environment for 2021. For more information, contact admissions at admissions@negociosenlinea.egade.tec.mx or Phone Number: +52 55 5351 2587.

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Part-time course sequence

To fit with your personal and professional schedules, we offer a part-time track for earning your degree.

Part-time sample sequence

Our part-time sequence includes eight terms that can be completed in as few as 24 months.

Term 1

Term 1 part-time sequence
Course Credits
Analytical Foundations of Business 3 credits (12 units)
Corporate Governance and Ethics** 3 credits (12 units)

Term 2

Term 2 part-time sequence
Course Credits
Leadership and Talent Management in Organizations** 3 credits (12 units)
Innovation and Entrepreneurship 3 credits (12 units)

Term 3

Term 3 part-time sequence
Course Credits
Consumer Behavior and Marketing Strategies 3 credits (12 units)
Business Intelligence 3 credits (12 units)

Term 4

Term 4 part-time sequence
Course Credits
Business Strategy 3 credits (12 units)
Managerial Skills 2 credits (8 units)

Term 5

Term 5 part-time sequence
Course Credits
Corporate Finance 3 credits (12 units)
Operations Management 3 credits (12 units)

Term 6

Term 6 part-time sequence
Course Credits
Concentration: Innovation Management 3 credits (12 units)
Managerial Economics 3 credits (12 units)

Term 7

Term 7 part-time sequence
Course Credits
Concentration: Business Analytics 3 credits (12 units)
Immersion: Strategy and Negotiations in Multicultural Environment 3 credits (12 units)

Term 8

Term 8 part-time sequence
Course Credits
Field Project 3 credits (12 units)
Concentration: Digital Transformation 3 credits (12 units)

Total program units: 188

**These courses may be completed during the first or second term of study.

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